Monday, March 31, 2008

Zaidy All Tied up!

Zaid loving his new highchair, he is quiet for the first 4 seconds....we will see how long that lasts!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Zaid and his buddies, Layla, Kassem, Farwah

Welcome to the world of Food!

Zaid's Newest Adventure..the world of food...not sure what to expect or why his dad belted him in, but ready for anything exciting and new...

All ready in his new Space Saving High Chair (they invent everything !) Sunnah style , meant to sit on the ground..
Zaid's first taste of his Rice Cereal...
A postive Reaction...Not wanting to let go of the Spoon...We have a winner! May Allah SWT protect everyone and their eating! Ameen ( A mom's worset fear...a picky eater...but )
Weirded out with the new yummy addition to meal time! or the non stop flash!
Must have more!

Loving it and not fighting food...must be Hassan's Kid! Sleepy from all the yummy food
A happy mom (well we can pretend right!)

Baba's Turn!

Baba Feeding Zaid
Zaid not letting go of his spoon...scared that baba may not give him any more!
After a tough fight baba is able to gain control of the spoon
Only to find Zaid grabbing his hand
And pushing the spoon into his mouth!

All done!

Pushing it foward...hoping there will be more food!

A full belly and full bib!
Waiting for day two of the world of food...Mashallah.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Zaid Goes to Edmonton!

Amreen and Zaidi!
Edmonton Nanu and Zaid!

Getting Ready for Jum Jum!

Getting REady for Jummah on Friday...

Saturday Night Concert!

Zaid gears out for his first concert in his Jean Jacket...wanted to wear his hat, out of his excitment he couldn't keep it on his head!
Zaid posing with Sheena
Shy Rahma...look below to see to see her true colours!

The real star of the Nazeel Concert!

Poor kid meet the girls from the AIYC and they would not stop kissing him! This is just two of the many kisses he got all weekend!

Zaid was in love with Br. Arif, He couldn't stop pulling his beard and starring at him! With his newest fan club meet the president and the Vice!
And his body guard!

Hamdi's in Edmonton!

Ayesha, Sister Michelle , Malerny, and the kids
Zaid meets Jamal! So cute Zaid was trying to touch his face and pull out his soother! Jamal being the big man he was just kept giving Zaid cut eye!

Zaid and Sister Michelle Niyyah and RahmaA great lunch at Hamdis! Zaid's first trip to Edmonton, lands us at one of our favorite Somali food chains! After tasting the one in Toronto at our first trip, had to take him to the one in Edmonton.

Br. Nazeel..The newest Nasheed Singer

After a great concert put on by the AIYC in Edmonton, Br. Nazeel from England chilled at the Chowdhury house! Up close and personal. Mashallah the kids loved it! An event all nasheed lovers would of enjoyed...a night of super halal entertainment!