Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Mama and Mami-ma Babysitting

Asalamu Alaikum all,

So this is Zaid's Mami-ma (Aunty), Fareheen! During one of our many daily sessions spending time with our new best friend, Zaid, we took some very special pictures!

First we tried to spend some time reading. We wanted him to have an early start and get him to become a doctor like every other kid from the subcontinent!

He didn't seem too interested (yet), so we gave him a book on "Peek-a-Boo-ology"...he was pretty fascinated!

Then he was ready to hook up with his buddies to roll in his ride through the hood.

But he had a few phone calls to make... so although he was ready to hook up with his buddies later, he called them to let them know he was gonna be busy.

Next, we were a bit preoccupied, so we wanted him to keep himself busy. We gave him the remote control to the "brainless box"....but it didn't take him long to get bored!

Finally, after a long day of activites, he just wanted to relax and wash everything down with a cold gingerale! Ahhhhhhh!

All in all, alhamdullilah, we all had a great time! I think Zaid had a great time too, as you can see in his pictures at the end of the day below:

He was so tired, it was hard for him to keep his balance!

But eventually, he was able to do it Masha allah! It was a great day!


Laura said...

As-salamu 'alaykum wa rahmatullah.

AAAAAHHHHH!!! Masha'Allah! Such a cute baby Zaid is! Masha'Allah! My will is to give him a big bite on his cheek!!! hehehehe (kidding, of course!)
Masha 'Allah! I loved his pic-diary!

Missed you, Naila and Zaid!! ;]
(Felipe probably missed Hassan... hehehehe =] )

BarakAllaahu fikum

Sara said...

best post yet, ahahaha, the pharmacology pic is priceless...SO CUTE ma sha'a Allaah

Sahar said...

I miss you cutie patutie!
I love the pic where he's giving the camera this super confused look 'Mami-Ma, you so crazy!'

ammena said...

oi you lot.. im awaiting new pics from RIS :) we had so much fun, shame you couldnt all stay longer and shame I had to go back to smelly cambridge :P

sahar said...

I agree with Louise..MORE PICS. please?

Anonymous said...

buy yourself a cord from a cheap computer place for God's sake.. they're like ten bucks.

u don't need your original to upload the photos.. ok?


Sarah said...

I love this story!! I used to do that with my teddy bear...

Zaid is too cute, MashAllah.. he's just like a teddy bear!

Zeena said...

ahh mashallah these pics are awesome, he's so precious!

Lynda said...

People should read this.